Record Search Information

Request for Criminal Record Search

The fees are as follows:

Criminal Search Fees

Each two-year period or  Portion thereof 
  • $5.00 per name
Search with request for Certificate of Conviction
  • $5.00 search each two-year
  • $5.00 per Certificate of Conviction
Certificate of Conviction Only*
*Must supply Indictment Number
  • $5.00 per Certificate of Conviction

Civil Action Search Fees

Each two-year period or Portion thereof
  • $5.00 per name
Certificate of Disposition
  • $5.00 per Certificate of Disposition
Copies of Papers
  • $0.65 per page with a minimum of $1.30 per document.
  • $40.00 maximum per document
Certificate of Disposition Only*
*Must supply Index Number
  • $5.00 per Certificate of Disposition

Any request must include the name (and all alias if desired) of the subject, subject’s date of birth, requestor’s name, address and telephone number.  

Civil requests must include the name of the plaintiff or defendant. Please note:  From 1994 to present we can search civil actions by either plaintiff or defendant name.  However, prior to 1994 we can search by the defendant’s name.  

The results will be mailed to you.