What is E-Recording?

E-Recording is the electronic recording of documents. Documents are transmitted to the Chenango County Clerk’s Office, reviewed, recorded, and returned to the submitter without any paper changing hands. The process is faster than sending documents through the mail, easier than having to walk them into the office, and can save you money! 

What Documents can be E-Recorded?

The Chenango County Clerk’s Office is currently accepting a variety of such as deeds, mortgages, assignments, and satisfactions. Please see the Approved Documents list for all currently accepted documents. 

How do I E-Record documents?

In order to record a document electronically you must utilize one of our current E-Recording providers. Chenango County currently has agreements with the following companies. Please refer to each provide for more details on how to prepare and upload your documents for E-Recording. 

E-Recording ProvidersWebsite:Telephone:
CSC eRecording Solutionswww.erecording.com866-652-0111  
ePN - eRecording Partners Networkwww.GOePN.com888-325-3365
Indecom www.inteledocdirect.net877-272-5250  
Simplifile www.simplifile.com800-460-5657 

Is E-Recording mandatory?

No, we will still continue to accept documents in paper form. Certain documents can only be submitted in paper form.

Do you accept New York State Tax forms electronically?

Yes, mostly. Any New York State tax forms that must be presented at the time of recording of certain documents must also be submitted when recording electronically. Please note, the RP5217 form must be completed on a computer and SAVED prior to printing for signatures. This will ensure a proper barcode. Please only use the official New York State pdf version of this form which can be found at www.tax.ny.gov. The one exception is the IT-2663 form when money is due and a check must be included to be mailed to New York State Tax and Finance. In this case, the entire deed transaction will need to be submitted in hard copy for recording.

What are the fees for E-Recording?

The recording fees collected by the Chenango County Clerk’s Office and any taxes due at the time of recording are same as hard copy recordings. For more information please refer to our Schedule of Fees. Please note that there may be additional service fees charged by the E-Recording providers.