Paint Tips and Disposal

Buy the Right Size

Find out how to buy the correct amount of paint for your project; thus minimizing the amount of leftover paint for storage, recycling or disposal.

Store It Properly

  • Cover the opening of the paint can with plastic wrap before closing the lid. Use a mallet instead of a hammer to close the paint can, creating a good seal.
  • Store the paint can upside down to create a tight seal around the lid.
  • Store paint away from extreme heat and cold.
  • Write on the lid of each paint can the date opened, the color, brand and the room it is for.

Use It All Up

Use up all your leftover paint to minimize the amount of paint needing to be stored, reused, recycled or disposed of locally.

Donate It

Contact Habitat for Humanity and other service groups for possible donation. The Chenango County DPW also has a Latex Paint Exchange Program call for details.

Disposal of Paint

Oil-based paint is a combustible material.

It must be disposed of at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event Call (607)337-1792 for more information.

How to properly dispose of latex paint:

    1. Remove and discard the paint can lid.
    2. Make sure the paint can is ½ full or less.  If the can is more than ½ full, pour excess into another container, like a milk jug or coffee can.
    3. Add clay-based kitty litter or absorbent material so the can is ¾ full.
    4. Stir paint/kitty litter mixture. If liquid paint remains, add more kitty litter.
    5. Allow paint/kitty litter mixture to air dry until hard (should take approximately 2 days)
    6. Dispose of can in garbage.

NOTE: Do not put the lid back on the paint can! Cans will not be picked up by your hauler if they can’t see that the paint is dry.